You Are Beautiful!

Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised (#Proverbs 31:30 #KJV)

I’ve noticed a lot of girls struggle with this…do you? Some of the most beautiful girls I know think they are fat or to skinny or not good enough, not attractive, no one could love them… But these are lies. Guys are like “you’re pretty with no makeup” but for some reason you refuse to trust that we know beauty like no one else. God gave guys the ability to behold beauty. Proverbs 12:15 says a fool believes themselves over wise counsel. The people in your life you can trust…BELIEVE THTEM!! LOL Don’t be a fool. God made you fearfully & wonderfully (Ps 139:14). He didn’t create you in a factory but individually, uniquely, for a purpose and beautifully! Don’t look for attention from guys to get your worth and value. Any beautiful girl can do that, but your knight in shining armor is looking for a godly, pure, confident, girl who puts her trust in God, in His Word, in wisdom…and is beautiful thru and thru not just skin deep. God Himself declares you are beautiful. Don’t flaunt it but also don’t put yourself down & ignore it. God declares you are worthy of it. I didn’t say it, God did.
Beautiful gorgeous perfect girl, Cover your legs, your chest, your stomach…be beautiful, fashionable AND modest…leaving room for imagination. The beauty of a girls body is to be preciously persevered for her husband. Yes our flesh loves for girls to walk around in their underwear at the beach, BUT it’s destructive to our relationship with God, ourselves and with girls. So…carry yourself like a lady, dress like one, act like one, sit like one, demand to be treated like one.
Also don’t say ” I’M FINE! ” when really you are dying inside because no one can hear your lies, your pain, your record that goes round and round… Trust God and the godly men in your life & banish the lies the devil tries to sell you. Hang around someone older, godly women, that can be your wise counsel! Listen to them, listen to the Bible, believe truth over lies! You ARE Beautiful!!! 😉
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