Rich or Poor?

There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches. Proverbs 13:7

This verse means that some people, and yes you know them, pretend to be rich. They drive a nice car, live in a huge house, new outfit every day, etc… but something doesn’t add up, and they are really deep in debt, slaves and worry constantly about where the next $1 will come from. They live paycheck to paycheck and more. Their credit cards are maxed out and some even get into awful payday loans at 400-800% interest rates. For what? To impress people they really don’t like anyways? To appear to be something they are not… If you are this person, there is HOPE!! I highly recommend Dave Ramsey ( to learn how to handle your money God’s way! You can get out of debt, cut the cards up and even be truly wealthy –

The rest of the verse is talking to the opposite. That rich person that is truly wealthy and even rich but pretend that they aren’t so they don’t have to give, help, serve… they are stingy, tightwads, that are normally bitter, selfish and lost. If you are this person, there is also hope for you! Being aware of it is 1st step. Start with 10% to your church. Baby steps to balance and still being wise but also with joy and not fear.
WAIT! What is wealth? Wealth means that you have enough in the bank or coming in every month to pay all your bills and save. Not from a job but something that doesn’t end, but cashflows, Rich means that you can pay all your bills and have huge excess to your yearly needs, ok…moving onĀ 
The top meaning is about money, but it also has a deeper meaning about your heart and time. Are you pretending to be more of a Christian but never even read the Bible or pray? Are you watching a ton of TV when you could be serving with your talents for your church or charity? The Bible is living Word so the meanings in each verse are layered deep.
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Rich or Poor?

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