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  • 8 October, 2013
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This is an awesome verse for guys and girls, young and old. As a Christian we are to be equally yoked in dating/courting other Christian. You should never Missionary Date because you really like him/her and want them to get saved so it’s ok. That is not biblical and is not wise. You should first become the girl/boy that someone godly would want. Seek God First (Matt 6:33) as you seek Him, He will make you into that person. Pure, innocent, loving, patience, kind, forgiving… Then you will attract the right person to you. Someone who edifies you, constantly has footprints in their daily life that lead you to the feet of Christ, to grow, to know more. Someone who loves your dreams, passions and encourages you to follow after what God has for you. A best friend, a BFF! Proverbs 18:22 Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.

As men we should be the leaders of the house, preparing to be so is vital! Women should be preparing to be submissive wives and how awesome it is. God has a plan, it is perfect. Stay pure, save yourself completely for the ONE!! Men fight for her purity, be the knight that protects it, guards it and doesn’t end up being the temptation. Open the doors, meet her at the door, be a gentlemen even if it’s not ‘cool’. Be strong but gentle, be the leader, make the decisions but with love. Seek her heart as much as you do her body. Read, learn to be always bettering yourself. Stay away from things that can harm you, because they will harm her. Be willing to sacrifice. Seek God, His wisdom as you prepare to (or as you) lead your home.

Girls be aware that your bodies and heart are the most beautiful thing God ever created. Dress modestly to protect your purity and the purity of the boys. Cover your legs, cover your chest up…walk, act, dress, speak like a lady. You can dress fashionable and be beautiful and sexy, without showing the things that temp guys to lust, to come to you for the wrong things, to see you as a person not an object…You deserve it!! You are worthy of it!! Never give up or think to have love or feel pretty you have to allow him to look or touch. Girls, don’t believe the lies in your head, believe TRUTH! You are BEAUTIFUL!! You are unique and here for an eternal reason as a daughter of God.

Marriage, courting, the love between the beauty and the beast…It is sacred and wildly beautiful, majestic in all it’s splendor… Don’t settle, don’t think your not pretty or she’s too good for you… be willing to be godly and search for a godly mate who loves God, who loves the Bible, who follows it, seeks it, and grows..changing to be more like Christ everyday. BE WILLING TO LET GO if you are not in a relationship like this, be willing to take some time to become the right person! It is WORTH IT!!! Wait on the Lord even when you can’t see hope.  He has a incredible amazing plan for each of us who trust and obey.
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I love this song, here are the lyrics…

He believes in the family unit
The union of man and wife
He believes that you stand before God
For better, for worse and beyond this life

He believes that a ring on his finger
Is something to be proud of
For all of the world to witness
That he is committed to this wife
He wants to get married

And he’ll build a house in the country
Where he’ll watch his children grow
And teach them the values of something
That most people never even know
He wants to get married

I never thought I would be so blessed
To know a man like this
He’s everything, everything I believed
That a man should be

And when he is called to his Maker
He wants to go to his grave
With his final remembrance of this earth
To be one last look at his wife’s face

He wants to get married
He wants to get married
Oh, he wants to get married
But not to me

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Proverbs 18:22

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