Happy Mothers Day!!!

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Proverbs 31@28 – Daughters you will be Mother’s one day Lord willing so this is to you as well! Mother’s that are in Christ and live the way the Bible teaches are a blessing to us all. No one comes into this world without a Mother. They show us compassion and love. Mother’s kiss our booboos and make everything better. They forgive easily and scratch out the eyes of anyone that even looks at her kids wrong LOL!!!

At least this is how it should be, right?  Living in a fallen world with sin means it is less and less like this. So for Mother’s Day I call to all Mothers and Daughters, Girls… to strive to stay in the Word of God, in a good church, date and marry good godly men, and strive to have your children say this about you by putting God First in your life and as you focus on Him and fall in love with Jesus more each day then all the other stuff will work itself out and your Children will call you blessed. Maybe not while you are spanking them, punishing them, or telling them no. Sure your teen might scream “I Hate You” but stay strong with love, they really are glad you care enough to set limits and love them enough to fight for them even when they don’t know it!

For those who have lost, for those who didn’t have a Mom like this, for those who made mistakes, don’t beat yourself up!!! God forgives and loves you, keep focusing on Him and keep Him first and He will work it all out for your good!  I’m so thankful for my Mother and her godly example to me and my brother and sister. We all call her blessed and my Dad, her husband, praises her!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Blessed Proverbs Daily

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