Remember to forgive and show mercy even to your enemies. Unless you are without sin, don’t cast a stone at people. You might find that stone flying right back at you one day. No sin and temptation no matter how great or small is indifferent to any person. Anyone is capable of any sin given the right situation. It’s funny to me because I find that Christians who claim to believe the Bible, live the Bible, walk the Bible…are the worse at this. The hate and murderous anger that spews out of some Christians when offended or they believe someone is doing something wrong or they have been even sinned against, sometimes greatly, but instead of breathing, praying, taking a moment to respond in wisdom, forgiveness, mercy… they react, in my experience, most of the time worse than non-believers or at least equally depending on what happen.

We should strive to seek God’s heart in our hearts and forgive and show mercy and yes, even love our enemies. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, it’s not logical, but it’s Biblical. When you look in the mirror and find the stones you’ve been casting are really at yourself, that is when you suddenly want and need mercy and forgiveness…right?  Let’s remember not to react, but to respond with patience bathed in prayer, drenched in wisdom, and covered with love and forgiveness. Jesus forgives completely what we consider the worst offenses, murder, molestation, rape, abuse, affairs… but how many of us commit sins daily, lying, lacking integrity, not telling that person about Jesus… and yet we think we are righteous because we compare ourselves among each other to see who is better instead of considering that to God the tiniest lie is as great as the serial killer (James 2:4, 2 Corinthians 10:12).

Why do we so quickly judge and cast the stone, while our own mask are full of black guilt. Only the blood of Jesus can wash away our sin, no exceptions and no respecter of persons age, race, sex, sin, situation, family, friends… Lay down your stone andFORGIVE!!!

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Matthew 7:3-5

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