Are you a FAN or a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ? What is the Difference? Glad you asked 😉

A FAN is someone who admires and likes the good stuff. They know Jesus is a good thing and they love to go to church to get encouraged, feel good and then go about their week. If anything about Jesus or His Bible offends them they don’t like that, they don’t want to hear that. They only want to “believe” the good stuff. They live like the world, act like the world, but when something goes wrong they dial 911 expecting God to show up and fix it or blaming God for making things hard when all long they haven’t been following (obeying) His Word. Also Fans come and go when it feels good and when it doesn’t, they leave. You can’t say you “love God” but then live in sin and expect that things are ok.

FOLLOWERS are truly saved, committed to Christ as their Savior. They follow the Bible and believe God wants what is best for them. They go to church to grow, to learn, to be convicted and offended even by the Word which stretches us to be more like Christ. We want to obey Him. We love the things of God and people know that we are different, that we are not like the world. That we don’t fit in.  Our music, our words, our cloths, our actions, our heart beat … are different. We believe the entire Bible not just the pieces we like. When we sin we feel awful and can’t live in it and repeat it. The Holy Spirit is there pulling us back to the things of Christ. Do things still go wrong? YES but we’ve been walking with God and He is there. We don’t have to dial 911 hoping, we are already following, obeying, trusting, living in the right direction…following in His footsteps.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves (James 1:22).
Also Read Ephesians 5
Fan or Follower of Jesus

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