Beauty & Beast

Beauty & Beast …for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) – These days there is a LOT put on how a guy and girl look in order to even have a chance of dating or even being friends. Some call it Bieber Fever Syndrome Effect where even older women want little young boys that look like girls LOL!!! But I also know a lot of people who don’t fall into the standard of “beauty” by the world’s standards. They aren’t magazine cover material, right? Too ugly, to fat, to whatever… but some of the best guys I know aren’t models but they are prince material and would make any girls dream come true of being loved, romantic, faithful provider and loving father and far beyond what the player dude can give her, but … most girls want the “bad” boy and love takes 2nd place to lust and desire.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re human and we have to have chemistry, what I’m saying is most guys that might be kings, never get the chance to show the girl his heart because she’s looking for the fantasy, the “disney magic” 😉 Right? Same with girls, there are some truly godly princesses that get over looked because of the same reasons.

So, this post is dedicated to all the frogs out there that faithfully strive to do right and are princes and princesses in their hearts and souls. That boy or girl you think is just a ‘cool’ friend, maybe you should look closer at the way they look at you and maybe listen to what they see when they do… You long to be seen, heard, to be known, to be loved, to be understood…? Maybe you are missing the very one that is looking into your soul every time they look into your eyes… Old and young, ugly and beautiful, fat and skinny, short and tall, … this is dedicated to all the beauty and beast out there wishing on a star and praying for their special someone.

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