Angels Unaware

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13:2)

Pretty crazy thought, right? I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories from people but most of the time it is unaware and we never know, at least not here on earth. So…are you nice and kind and smile at only people you know and care about OR do you make sure to be kind to strangers as you pass them by in your daily journey on this earth?  It doesn’t mean to become best friends or even allow the stranger to come into your sphere of influence, it simply means be kind to everyone, show them compassion, a smile, and the joy of Jesus in you. Because you never know when that waitress or waiter or the person behind the counter at the gas station or movie theater giving you your ticket or popcorn… could be the next President, or an incredible lawyer that will impact your future or a business person like Bill Gates. They might be the next big Evangelist or Preacher impacting the world for Christ or an incredible author that changes your world for the better by giving you a new perspective from God’s Word on your life. They could end up being your husband or wife or friend or …. an Angel from the streets of gold walking around doing God’s work around our lives.

So next time the waitress is a little rude, leave an extra tip with something telling them about your church and about Jesus. Next time you feel like you are better than someone, because you happened by God’s divine providence to be born into a family or get a job or have the brain power to create enough money or talent, remember that you aren’t, that all good things are from the Father of lights and by His Grace. No one is special, we just live in different dimensions of Grace. Have you entertained an angel unaware?  Were you nice to them? Kind? or mean and rude or worst, did you treat them like the dirt you walk on? These are questions I have to ask myself to because I KNOW I have done more of the latter than what I should have without a doubt.
BTW I LOVE this picture there is so much depth in it. I’d love to hear your comments on the verse, caption and also what you see in the picture 😉
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Angels Unaware Hebrews 13:2
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