You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

I’ve noticed a lot of girls struggle with this… Some of the most beautiful girls I know think they are fat or to skinny or not good enough, not attractive, … Continue Reading →

Matthew 7:3-5


Remember to forgive and show mercy even to your enemies. Unless you are without sin, don’t cast a stone at people. You might find that stone flying right back at you one … Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

He Looked Beyond My Fault

Not a proverb 😉 but love the words of this song and to hear it by David Phelps LIVE. It’s so powerful! Amazing Grace shall always be my song of … Continue Reading →

He Who Finds A Wife…

Marriage, courting, the love between the beauty and the beast…It is sacred and wildly beautiful, majestic in all it’s splendor… Don’t settle, don’t think your not pretty or she’s too good for you… Continue Reading →